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Jan 1, European Unity present.

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Led to space race, many indirect wars and eventually the fall of communist russia Social Loss of population - Populations across western Europe lost a about a third of their population, driving costs down and creating the need for more jobs Rise of gentry - The specialized agriculture brought prosperity to the land-owning nobility, but also to dwellers, lawyers, bureaucrats, and wealthy peasants began to invest in land in the countryside.

This lead to inflation and rise of the middle class.

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Jan 1, Rise of Nationalism s Could the Provisional Government have remained in power? This is about the laws of gravitation, which changes the world of science forever. Scientific ideas emerged that are still used today. If no student has written on the political parties, then the instructor should briefly summarize the political platforms. Solidarity Polish dock workers revolted for more voting rights Political. It result in the English Bill of Rights and the American checks and balances policy. Christendom will never be the same as the two religions are now enemies. The Paris Commune and Third Republic in France were short governments that were hated and seemed to jump from problem to problem. Is there a difference in the political system in France in and in Russia in ? These theses express his opinions with the problems of religion that lead to the protestant revolution. Evolution was and continues to be a widely debated topic against religion. Jan 1, Italy Unified; Russian Serfs Emancipated Italian unification is important because Italy had been fractioned for a long time. It focuses on obedience to the Papacy and and the Catholic Church.

As a whole class, discuss the different social ranks of Russia in nobles, middle class, workers, peasants. This allows them to review material from earlier in the course as well as understand the historical importance of revolutions in a broader context.

Peter the Great is signficant because he westernized Russia. Jan 1, Newton Publishes Principia Mathematica Principia Mathematica is important because it compiled a majority of mathematical equations known at the time.

The Tudor Dynasty begins its rule of England.

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This government eventually established itself as the USSR. Discuss briefly the stages of the French Revolution, with attention to the social ranks in France before it occurred. The Aztecs had built an empire with conquest, and was destroyed by Cortez and his mission. If no student has written on the political parties, then the instructor should briefly summarize the political platforms. Jan 1, Totalitarianism s Governments needed more money to fund expansion, prices for products went up and taxes were increased as wages stayed the same, resulting in the standard of living to fall for most Europeans. What problems could prevent the success of the Provisional Government? The Agricultural Revolution of the eighteenth century is one of the most significant developments in food production. Unhappy Parliament put him to death and passed the Trennial Act that says Parliament must meet every 3 years at least. It was the predecessor to the EU. Jan 1, Rococo Art

African countries that eventually gained their independence are left corrupted because imperialism had never allowed them to rule before. Finally, have a discussion with the whole class about the possible future of Russia in January These books helped develop movements such as the Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution, and the Englightenment.

The end of reconquista in Spain signified the end of Islam in Spain, with Christian Spain in its place. The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that led to many scientific breakthroughs.

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The Rise of Prussia was significant due to its quick rise under Frederck William I despite its small size. Jan 1, Modern Art After the stock market crash, people were left poor, hungry, and unemployed. Jan 1, Modern Ideas and Science s. Historical Context The purpose of this section is to have the students engage with the concept and common aspects of revolutions in general. Jan 1, Renaissance German and Italian unification brought long-competing territories together. In its place were theories that remain true today. Rococo art influeced many types of European art including architecture, theatre, painting, and sculptures.
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